Midwit Meme

I was inspired by seeing this meme today. Which got me to reflect on some other weird distinctions in life where midwit logic has infected life. The marker of midwit advice or logic is that they will recommend some course of action based on what they hear someone on Twitter recommending or based on some constructed theory. Even worse, the midwit has no real life experience in implementing this idea and has no skin in the game in the advice they have just given to you.

You need to be careful if you ever catch yourself thinking like a midwit. It’s probably more often than you imagine.

Hiring Practices

Dumb person: I only hire my friends and people I like.
Smart person: I only hire my friends and people I like.

Only midwits torture themselves by running a supposedly “unBIaSeD” selection process where they have 3 different interviewers from different parts of the company sit on a committee and force the applicant to sit through 5 different interviews.


Dumb Person: I use ChatGPT to write things for me

Smart Person: I also use ChatGPT to write things for me.

Midwit: Nooooo, you must write everything yourself! The creative act involves literally writing every single letter yourself. There is no other way.

Social Media and Marketing

Dumb Person: I just post what I want

Smart Person: I just post what I want

Midwit meme: Noooooo, you need to play the LinkedIn/Instagram/Twitter game where you have to reply to major accounts giving my take on the latest trending topic so that my account always shows up at the top of other people’s feeds.

Be careful when you catch yourself falling into midwit logic. Laters.